Tanka Attempts 1

Roundtable Tanka Attempts 1, Fall 2017


she walks with me
golden hair glistening from the sunlight
a love and bond
that can never be broken
just me and my dog

your picture
on the dashboard
I long to feel
your soft hand in mine
come home

young at heart
not a care in the world
future ahead of me
music of my youth
on the oldies station

First Tuesday
of every month
tornado sirens
to their hearts' content

the zombies emerge
wandering aimlessly
through the halls of the building
focusing on the importance of life
through electronic devices

all the lights
turned down low
I close my eyes
and dream
you are laying with me

are you staying?
she left me
and . . .

conversation with father
he looks the same as last year
fresh flowers
upon the tombstone

the ink
     in my skin
          keeps me
               from caring
                    about you.

Buckle up
we're going on an adventure
double cheeseburgers, large fries
just ketchup
Eww, it has pickles

The tears
act like a leech
bringing everybody down
even though
all she wants is to be with the clouds

of all the stars
i can see from
my Chicago rooftop,
        you remain
        the brightest

coming home
from the heat of the sun
my heart is even warmer
now that she has returned
la mas dulce de mi vida

Like a chandelier
these tears hang above me,
even when not in use
there's a dull bulb
I can never bring myself to change

Pandora's box
one day
he changes the bulb
unaware of the load he lifted
and the event he set into motion

although subtle
break in
even the stiffest
of leather

How could I talk
without fear
of losing
what I gained
in silence

tries to flee
Don't worry
Mama's got you
claws unsheathed

Old song comes on
from God knows when
a car passes by
I wonder
how she's doing

i am finally
at peace
with all that you've done
     and i wish the both of you

Nomad why
you go?
To save you.
I never asked you for that!

our wedding song
on the radio
looking for
a parking space
at the lawyers





around three
the rabid barking
my dog protecting me
from the bills in my mailbox

speaking for hours
about music
with one of the pioneers
of the blues
we order another drink

Sauna night
jump in the lake
staring up at the sky
full of stars
in silence

family and friends
one more time
from the hearse
his last parade

i don't take sugar
in my coffee
the conversation
with my friends
is sweet enough

Me dibujo flores
Ya no se el razon
Porque, los flores representa mi alma
Mi alma sin tu
Yo estoy libre, no tengo feliz

(The above poem is in Spanish, it's translated below.)

I draw flowers
I don't why anymore
maybe, because they represent my soul
my soul without you
I'm free, but I'm not happy

oceans in your eyes
depths and waves of blue and green
crashing over me
terrifying but soothing
pulling me under.

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.