Tanka Writing Roundtable • Fall 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Bemajedareki Williams



Kingdom Hearts:
Selected Tanka

Bemajedareki Williams


A scattered dream
that's like a far-off memory

A far-off memory
that's like a scattered dream

I want to line the pieces up
Yours & Mine

broken down
pain turns to pleasure
bone and sinew

This is my favorite tanka, because 1. It is a game reference to my and fathers and I favorite video game: Metal Gear Solid - Tactical Espionage Action (Classic). 2. It a way of expressing all the pain and pleasure one (like myself) goes through when lifting weights and playing sports. Injuries and recovery and the body getting used to the torn muscle and ligaments.

I can feel . . .
the stuffing
in my estomago
in my face
slowing not moving

I ask my mother
“Am I ok?”
far from okay
You are unique


beautiful runner
the inspiration
of the idol
passes away
Requiescat in Pace

The reason why this is my favorite, it represents my aunt who ran track in her younger days. All my life I thought football was my calling, and it wasn’t—track and field was my calling, when I found out another member of my family did track and she was fast. It inspired me more to participate and fully be committed to the sport. All thanks to my Aunt, who now rests in heaven.

the picture frame
Mom smiling
Dad is happy
to see their first


"welcome home"
my mother announces
dishes to wash/
can I leave now

outside she is
gaze of a goddess
inside, eh . . .
different story


the little boy
crying . . .
no one listens
bad thoughts

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