Tanka Writing Roundtable • Fall 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Norman Mears

Fall 2017 Tanka

Norman Mears

2017. During this year I was introduced to the art of haiku and tanka writing. I used these arts to express my inner self and observations of life. I chose to dig deeper into tanka writing by exploring the history and enjoying not only my own tanka, but those written by others. This collection is tanka I have written this fall. Some have been included in a book titled, Many Miles Ahead of Me, and one was accepted for publication in Ribbons, the journal for the Tanka Society of America. I feel that my jounrey as a tanka writer has started with no end in the future.

many miles ahead of me
seeing first light
sunrise upon the horizon
orange and red glow
wishing me a good morning

sitting at the bar
cold beer in hand
talking about sports
to the son
I finally met

enters my home
each morning
opened curtains


family and friends
one more time
from the hearse
my last parade

Remember that one trip
the sunset was so pure
we made love on the beach.
that wasn't you?
Oh shit !


our wedding song
on the radio
looking for
a parking space
at the lawyer's

watching my son
on the swing
go higher
and higher
wishing it was me


my childhood heroes
in their youth
under my bed
in a cigar box
for safe keeping

families gather
for a feast
on the table
for me — again
a single turkey pot pie


mist over the water
the sun awakening
on the horizon
this day for turkey
I hunt for duck

the fallen leaves
crackling under our feet
we walk
hand in hand
to the sounds of earth


on the patio
sipping coffee
remembering days past
one more cup
with grandma

around three
the rabid barking
my dog protecting me
from the bills in my mailbox


© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.