Haiku Kukai 2

Zen & Haiku • Millikin University • March 2017


the colors of fall
cover the tracks
in the mud

wind bent pine
a long letter
from home

long overdue
a call from home

a forest clearing
comes into view . . .
full of beer cans

broken and bent
my favorite tree
tells a story

snow covered mountain
purple and pink
free air

raking leaves into a pile
children jump in
one after another

midnight quickly approaches
her wheels
start to turn

all alone
the goalie stands

bell rings     the swings still swinging

trying to get healthy
he heaves for breath
each one a finish line

the sun
forgets to shine
Will i?

the movie wakes me
with a sudden boom!
I hope no one noticed . . .

the sweet smell of lemons
her 25 cent
cardboard sign

a house versus a home:
give a hearty clap
and listen for an echo

under the cover of darkness
snow covered ground

the boy smiled triumphantly
with his ball
poison ivy couldn't stop him

windows open
early morning summer breeze
the grass just mowed

Canadians are different
he said,
spitting on the sidewalk

the stench of burnt rubber
on the pavement

stick held high
as he skates

the trap is set
with sharp cheddar cheese

hidden heart
secret smiles
her journal full

tiny fingers
hold the rail tight
peering eyes

a frog patiently sits
buzz, buzz, buzz

by her bedside
I hold her hand
a sense of peace

finally just right
the star on top of the tree
shining brightly

educational gaps
revealed through time
still learning

children playing
dinner being prepared
a mother's duty

the little buttons
glow in the elevator—
Where's floor thirteen?

eyelids slowly getting heavy
as his grip
starts to fade

stomach in knots
5 a.m. induction

rise and go
without fear

old mason jars
light up
Grandma's back porch

snow softens
the edges of the lake
geese in flocks of two


unfolding the stroller
for a new baby

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.