Zen Haiku • March 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Rose


Jennifer Rose

Haiku is a reminder that we need to enjoy and appreciate the things we have around us. As the book stated words are not the same as experiencing things for ourselves. Using descriptive enough words should take anyone who reads the haiku to a different place and a memory for them.

a sea of tail lights
turn signal on
Bon Jovi


Grandmother's favorite
baking dish
isn't the same

mountains of clothes
the sound of the washer
never ending story


down the river
the bobber
goes under

waves crashing
to shore
one lonely sand castle


she blows
the dust
off the catechism

palm trees sway
in the salty air
she is home


egg on a spoon
legs in a gunny sack
the race is on

he walks
stone by stone
to find a familiar name


broken and bent
my favorite tree
tells a story

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.