Zen Haiku • March 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Whitney Edmonson


Whitney Edmonson

I have learned many things by taking this course. It helped me focus more on life. It made me pay more attention to what is around me as well. Before taking this course, I never would have made simple things about nature around me into a haiku. It really opened my eyes to the whole world and all of the different cultures that are around us every day. Also, reading some of the haiku that we read together in class led me to be more creative. Reading other people’s haiku, really made me realize that there is so much to write about in life and what is surrounding you. This was a great course to take and very informative. I have learned a lot about myself during this course as well. I have realized that I am more creative than I think I am. I seem to downgrade my creativity at times, but I was able to let haiku come to me and write about it. That was really awesome for me and I know this will be a great trait of mine in the future. I can see myself continuing to write haiku in the future, because it is very relaxing and an awesome way to let go and focus on what is going on around us. I really enjoyed taking this course and learned many positive things about life during these weeks with you.

summer ocean waves
softly reaching land
the sand between my toes


bedtime story
I comfort her until
her eyes close

raking leaves into a pile
children jump in
one after another


finally just right
the star on top of the tree
shining brightly

early morning
low fog
the boat awaiting


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