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Global Haiku Festival

April 16, 2000
Decatur, Illinois

Sunday morning was dedicated to "doing haiku." The weather cooperated and the students and guests enjoyed a haiku walk around campus and to the nearby Fairview Park which resulted in several excellent haiku for the kukai competition.

Haiku were submitted anonymously and judged by a panel of distinguished haiku writers and editors including Penny Harter, Peggy Lyles, Michael Dylan Welch, Robert Spiess, and Mrs. Noma (pictured at the right below).

Michael Dylan Welch, A.C. Missias, Mrs. Hakutani, Emiko Miyashita, student Ryan Casey and Naomi Y. Brown received recognition and book awards for their haiku. Three of the award winning haiku are included with the following photographs from the Ginko.


spring morning-- 
checking my fit   
in the park swing

                            Andrea C. Missias


shower of petals--         
confetti from yesterday
still in my pocket         

                            Emiko Miyashita       

faint human shadow
in the cloud's shadow—
passion sunday               

             Ryan Casey

—Second place, Ginko contest—

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