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Global Haiku Festival Readings

April 14-15, 2000
Decatur, Illinois

Friday evening registered guests and speakers gathered at Millikin University for a banquet and were treated to a vocal jazz performance including the famous Sesame Street song, "Rubber Ducky."

Being haiku poets, many rubber ducky senryu were immediately generated from this otherwise dry event. The next night at the open microphone reading, we heard a medley of rubber ducky senryu read by Penny Harter and Peter Mortimer with a quacking accompaniment by Professor Del Doughty.

At the Saturday evening banquet, Peter Mortimer, publisher of Iron Press, shared his perspectives on publishing haiku books in the United Kingdom. He is the publisher of Global Haiku: 25 Poets World-wide which was celebrated with a reading that shared the work from seven of the 25 poets in the anthology.

The poets represented in the reading included David Cobb, Lee Gurga, Penny Harter, Peggy Lyles, Bill Pauly (who also read work by Raymond Roseliep), and Michael Dylan Welch.

Also Saturday evening we had an open-microphone haiku reading with several Millikin students and members of the public attending, followed by our late-night presentation and reading of haiku by Jack Kerouac by Professor Bertrand Agostini entitled, "In the Heart of Zen, in the Heart of the World: Jack Kerouac and Haiku."

Peter Mortimer, Publisher
Iron Press, England

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