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Global Haiku Festival

March 15-May 1, 2000
Decatur Public Library

an exhibit of Midwestern haiku and photography
Gretchen Batz & Lee Gurga

The festival actually began March 15th with an exhibit of Midwestern haiku and photography at the Decatur Public Library. The photographs by Gretchen Batz of Elsah, Illinois, were paired with haiku by Lee Gurga of Lincoln, Illinois.

This exhibit and a display case of haiku books from writers and editors coming to the Global Haiku Festival generated a great deal of interest from the Decatur community. As a result several newcomers to haiku participated in various events at the festival and these events were widely covered by central Illinois media including radio stations, local television, five newspapers and one general interest magazine.

This exhibit was the genesis of an online collection of photographs and haiku, Long Walk Alone, published as an online web collection at:

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