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Global Haiku Festival

April 14-16, 2000
Decatur, Illinois

Speaker & Artist Biographies

Bertrand Agostini

Bertrand Agostini holds a PhD in American Literature. His doctoral thesis was on the notion of suffering in the novels of Jack Kerouac. He is an Associate Professor of English at Ecole Superieure d'Agriculture and Universite Catholique de l'Ouest in Angers, France. His current position for this academic year is: Visiting Associate Professor of Languages at Clemson University, South Carolina. He has written several articles in English and French on Jack Kerouac. In 1998 he co-authored (with Christiane Pajotin) a book on Jack Kerouac's haiku: Itinéraire dans l'errance: Kerouac et le haïku. (A Wandering Itinerary: Kerouac and the Haiku).

Gretchen Batz

Gretchen Batz is a professional photographer and haiku writer from Elsah, Illinois. She enjoys the challenge of combining poetry and photography.

Randy Brooks

Co-chair of the Global Haiku Festival, Dr. Randy Brooks directs the writing major at Millikin. He currently teaches two courses on haiku at Millikin University. He and his wife, Shirley Brooks, have been co-editors and publishers of Brooks Books (formerly High/Coo Press) since 1976 and currently edit Mayfly a haiku magazine. His selected haiku, School's Out, was recently published by Press Here. Brooks also edits the English Language Haiku web site:

David Cobb

A founding member and president of the British Haiku Society, David Cobb lives in Braintree, Essex, England. Cobb is known as an innovator in haiku set to music and in the development of haibun in English. In 1995 he celebrated haiku at the Keats House Museum with several haiku music performances including Cobb's haiku series, "The Lilting Dove." In 1997 his literary haibun, The Spring Journey to the Saxon Shore, was published. Three additional collections of his haiku have been published including Jumping from Kiyomizu, Mounting Shadows, and A Leap in the Light.

Dan Guillory

Our Midwest literary culture tour guide, Dan Guillory, is a professor of English at Millikin University. He is also an award-winning writer and scholar of Midwestern literature and culture. He is the author of Living With Lincoln: Life and Art in the Heartland published in 1989 and When Waters Recede: Rescue and Recovery During the Great Flood published in 1996. A collection of poems, Alligator Inventions, was published in 1993.

Lee Gurga

Co-chair of the Global Haiku Festival, Lee Gurga is a small town dentist in Lincoln, Illinois. In 1997 he served as president of the Haiku Society of America, and he has been organizing international haiku events for several years. He is currently associate editor of Modern Haiku, the longest-running journal of haiku and haiku studies outside of Japan. He is also haiku selector for the Illinios Times newspaper. Dr. Gurga has received numerous haiku awards including the prestigious First Place Merit Book Award from the Haiku Society of America for the best book of English-language haiku published in 1997, In and Out of Fog and again in 1998 for Fresh Scent: Selected Haiku of Lee Gurga. Working with Emiko Miyashita, Gurga has recently been translating haiku by leading contemporary Japanese writers with their first published work being Love Haiku: Masajo Suzuki's Lifetime of Love.

Yoshinobu Hakutani

Yoshinobu Hakutani was born in Osaka, Japan. He grew up and went to public schools on Awaji Island near Kobe. He studied at Hiroshima University for his B.A. in English. He came to the United States in 1956 to study a year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and took an M.A. in English at the University of Minnesota in 1959. He taught at South Dakota State University for two years and received a Ph.D. in English at Penn State in 1965. From 1965 to 1968 he was Assistant Professor of English at California State University at Northridge. Since 1968 Hakutani has been teaching American literature at Kent State University in Ohio. Professor of English since 1979, he has written on American literature and other subjects. Among his books are Richard Wright and Racial Discourse; Critical Essays on Richard Wright (editor); Selected English Writings of Yone Noguchi: An East-West Literary Assimilation (editor); and Richard Wright, Haiku: This Other World (co-editor), named as the top selection for the 1999 National Poetry Month by the Academy of American Poets.

William J. Higginson

William J. Higginson is a poet, translator, and writing teacher. His historical-critical writings on haiku are found in haiku magazines around the globe and in his books: The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku, The Haiku Seasons: Poetry of the Natural World, and Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac. He has authored or edited over twenty books, including collections of his poems and essays and anthologies of writing by others. In 1975 he established From Here Press, and has published works by Allen Ginsberg, Ruth Stone, Penny Harter, Elizabeth Searle Lamb, Alan Pizzarelli, Adele Kenny, and others. He is an editor of the "Haiku and Related Forms" category on the Netscape Open Directory Project on the Internet. He has worked as a consultant in writing and the teaching of writing for almost thirty years, and many of his articles on teaching writing appear in publications of Teachers & Writers Collaborative.

Jim Kacian

Jim Kacian is a writer, publisher and tennis professional who lives near the Shenandoah River in Virginia. He is the author of five books of haiku including Presents of Mind, Chinoteague, Six Directions, In Concert and Out of Stones: Selected Haiku of Jim Kacian. He is owner and editor of Red Moon Press, a leading publisher of English-language haiku books, and he is editor-in-chief for the Red Moon Haiku Anthology series which gather selected best haiku published each year. He also serves as editor of Frogpond, the official magazine of the Haiku Society of America.

David Lanoue

David Lanoue is Professor of English at Xavier University of Louisiana. Since 1984 he his original haiku, translations, and essays have been published in various magazines. In 1988 he studied Japanese language and literature at Sophia University in Tokyo, and he participated in the N.E.H. Literary Translation Institute at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1989. His book, Issa: Cup-of-Tea Poems; Selected Haiku of Kobayashi Issa was published in 1991. A collection of his own haiku and prose, Haiku Guy, was recently published.

Horst Ludwig

Horst Ludwig is an Associate Professor of German at Gustavus Aldolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. He has lived in Minnesota for 30 years. He writes haiku in German and is a member of the German Haiku Society. He has studied haiku and Japanese cultural influences on German culture including the history of haiku in Germany.

John Martone

John Martone is a professor of English at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. He is the publisher of Tel-let Press and writer of short poetry including haiku.

Emiko Miyashita

Emiko Miyashita studied English literature at Doshisha University in Kyoto. She lives in Kawasaki, Japan where she and her husband operate an arts and antiques business. She is Dojin (a senior member) of Ten'i, a haiku group lead by Dr. Akito Arima. Dr. Arima is currently the Minister of Science in the Japanese Diet. She is also a member of Haiku International Association, Haiku Society of America and editor of Lynne Okazaki Art Press. She has been an active participant in the internationalization of haiku, collaborating on translations of contemporary Japanese haiku with Lee Gurga, especially haiku by Akito Arima and Masajo Suzuki.

Peter Mortimer

Peter Mortimer is a British poet, playwright, and the publisher of IRON Press, one of the leading small press publishers of British haiku books. His new play "Clockman" is due for production this Spring, and his most recent book is Broke Through Britain-One Man's Penniless Odyssey. Iron Press was formed in 1973, initially to publish the magazine IRON and now offers an extensive list of books including The Haiku Hundred, Jumping From Kiyomizu by David Cobb, Cloud Blunt Moon by Chris Mulhern, and Global Haiku: Twenty-five Outstanding Poets.

Ban'ya Natsuishi

Professor Masayuki Inue, Department of Law at Meiji University in Tokyo, is known in the haiku community as "Ban'ya Natsuishi." An internationally acclaimed avant-garde haiku poet, Ban'ya Natsuishi is the Chief of External Liason of the 7,000 member Gendai Haiku Kyôkai (Modern Haiku Association) in Japan. He is the editor-in-chief of the haiku magazine Gin-yu (Troubadour). He has numerous haiku publications including the recently published English-language edition, A Future Waterfall: 100 Haiku from the Japanese.

Lidia Rozmus

Lidia Rozmus was born and reared in Poland and studied art at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and the Art Institute of Chicago. Living in the United States since 1980, she works as a graphic designer, paints sumi-e, and writes haiku. Her haiga have been exhibited in the United States, Poland and Japan. A member of the Haiku Society of America since 1992, she has been active in international haiku conferences and collaborated with several haiku writers on haiku publications.

John Stevenson

John Stevenson is the president of the Haiku Society of America. A member since 1993, he has served as a judge for its Harold G. Henderson Awards for haiku and Gerald Brady Awards for senryu and as editor of the HSA Members' Anthology of 1997. John is from Ithaca, NY and currently lives near Albany, NY where he is employed as an administrator for the New York State Office of Mental Health.

George Swede

George Swede is currently the Chair of the Department of Psychology and the School of Justice Studies at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada. He has published 16 books of haiku and edited 8 collections including Global Haiku: Twenty-five Outstanding Poets. His most recent book is a clothbound edition of his selected haiku: Almost Unseen. In 1977, together with Eric Amann and Betty Drevniok, he co-founded Haiku Canada.

Yoshiko Yoshino

Leader of the Hoshi (Star) haiku group and editor of Hoshi magazine, Yoshiko Yoshino, has been an award-winning haiku poet and a promoter of international haiku for several decades. She is an active member of the Haikuists' Association, the Haiku International Association, the Haiku Association, the Haiku Association of Ehime Prefecture, the Haiku Association of Matsuyama City and the International Haiku Salon at the International and Tourism Section of Ehime Prefecture.

Ikuyo Yoshimura

Ikuyo Yoshimura is a poet, translator and biographer of R.H.Blyth and James W. Hackett. An associate professor of English at Asahi University in Gifu, she has been a member of Japan Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry Society and the Historical Society of English Studies in Japan. Her recent publications are At the Riverside (Haiku in English), Spring Thunder, A Renaissance of the Works of R.H.Blyth, and The life of R.H.Blyth. She has published numerous articles on haiku in English. Her poems often appear in Frogpond (U.S.A.), Haiku Quarterly (U.K.), Blithe Spirit (U.K.) and Haiku Headlines (U.S.A.). She is a member of the Evergreen Haiku Association in Gifu.

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