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Global Haiku Festival
Student Participants

Michael Welch, President of the Tanka Society of America and editor of Tundra magazine, discusses English-language tanka with senior, Ryan Casey.

Eighty-three registered guests attended the Global Haiku Festival, including 31 Millikin University students. The students in Dr. Brooks' "Global Haiku Traditions" course were especially pleased to have seven guest haiku poets visit their class before the festival.

The students were not pressed into service at the conference but were invited to participate in all events except for the meals and the Midwest literary culture tour.

One student expressed her experience this way:

The Millikin Global Haiku Festival was a memorable event. Before the haiku authors arrived at Millikin, all of the students were aware that they there were going to be meeting haiku authors from every walk of life—yet seeing and speaking with these authors really helped open our eyes and further inspire us in our own writing. Some of the highlights from the weekend included question and answer sessions from authors , open mic haiku readings, and foreign language haiku, read by such authors as Horst Ludwig, who shared many beautiful haiku in the German language.

The haiku experienced during the festival ranged from the traditional Japanese haiku (read in the original language and in English..and in a kimono!) to more modern, humorous senryu. Hearing the authors share their haiku in their own voices made haiku that we had heard before seem new to us. The Global Haiku Festival left us with a broader sense of knowledge on what haiku is, what makes it special, and what we can do to relate what is imporant to us through this form of poetry. —Molly McLinden


Jennifer Richmiller & Julie Weightman discuss haiku studies at Millikin University with John Stevenson, President of the Haiku Society of America

Ryan Casey and Lidonna Beer writing haiku in
Fairview Park for the Sunday morning Kukai.

Millikin honors student, Kristin Boryca, discusses her research on haiku poet Raymond Roseliep with Roseliep's good friend and former student, Professor Bill Pauly of Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa.

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