Haiku Kukai First Hour - Hartsburg-Emden High School

Haiku Workshops • Hartsburg, Illinois • Spring 2011

in the spring
rain, whispers
in her ear

Andrew (4)

in the morning
I wait
toast is done


a summer day
she cries
he's gone


early morning
stuck in traffic
Lebron James passes

Gage (6)

sun rises
glass of flowers


rainy day
puddles and puddles
wash away smiles

Daphne (7)

twisted old tree
holds memories still
apple falls

Megan (6)

small girl
dress shoes
always dirty

Megan (5)

the loud crowd
he looks up
all hands are waving


pig shattered
old coins
still under the porch

Willow (3)

a seqgull sits
next to me
and clam chowder


on the S curve
lights flash
people cry

Colton (7)

water trickles down
her face
she dives again


Sunday morning
Gospel song
my heart is peaceful

Alicia (3)

the creek flows
over smooth rocks
tears roll down her face

Alicia (5)

sheet music turns
as she plays the piano
the tears subside

Alicia (6)

melodic music
begs for money
at the corner


red eyes swollen
her friend
now an enemy

Alexis (8)

the dentist
flourescent lighting
shines from his smile


the library
musty air
smells of secrets

Natalie (5)

road blocked
flat-bed truck holds
a casket

Nichole (7)

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.