Haiku Kukai Second Hour - Hartsburg-Emden High School

Haiku Workshops • Hartsburg, Illinois • Spring 2011

a first kiss
rain quickly drips
off the rooftop


a warm squeeze as
I cry in silence
Grandmother's hand

Syrena (4)

the cell phone rings
he doesn't answer it
he doesn't get the job

Nathan (7)

in the driveway
sitting in the car
radio on

Eli (7)

as the clock ticks
we all wait
laughter in the hallway

Gage (9)

dogs bark
coyotes come
for a visit

Kaleb (4)

drop, drop, drop
milk falls
in the bucket

Kaleb (6)

one week
the tumor grows . . .
a lost fight

Amanda (11)

opening the door
the jungle
flower shop


moonlight shimmer
over the lake
I feel a tug


John Deere tractor
driving down the road

Sydni (5)

morning sunrise
birds chirping &
roaring engines


a hard hit ball
grass stain
nothing to show for it

Noah (10)

dirt blowing
eye black
the sound of a baseball off my bat

Tyler (8)

two by two
we run
imagining the trophy

Robby (8)

sitting in the stand
frost covers everything
a gun shot

Cody (6)

father's day here
just me and mom cooking
dad's favorite food

Erin (7)

a crackling fire
on the night beach
all alone

Matt (12)

staring at her
a single tear
name in stone

Matt (9)

early spring
sun coming up
new calf runs around

Cole (5)

to never see again
my friend with
four legs and a mane


Christmas tree
fog in the air--
I sweat

Adam (4)

she sits in the window
a stranger passes by
the cat's meow


championship match
all that runs through my mind
is the trophy


© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.