Haiku Matching Contest - April Fool's

Hartsburg-Emden High School • April 1, 2011

wake up late for school
rushing to get ready
it's Saturday

watching my mom
leave for work
no gas

eating breakfast
I spy a spider
doesn't move

black spider
mom screams
I laugh





top quarter champion



top half champion


bottom quarter champion





card of money
full of green
seven dollar bill

open the door
one hundred dollar bill
tied to a string

he rethinks
tells her don't
use your toothpaste

book missing
hidden laughter, gasping
a suspicious glare


top half champion



TOP champion


bottom half champion


pumped for the game
take my warm-up pants off
no shorts

April morning
giggles in the hallway
untied shoelaces

pitching motion
empty hand
--no ball

the shot goes up
air ball
April Fools





top quarter champion



bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion





my girlfriend gone
something in my bed
a monkey

he scratches his knee
and stands
April fools

I showed up
nobody there
April fools

first date
dressed up and anxious
dinner alone

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.