Haiku from a child psychologist


Brad Tubbs

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2001

Brad Tubbs

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Haiku from a child psychologist

This collection of haiku is an exploration of the persona of haiku from a child psychologist's years of practice.

The orginal collection was submitted in a paper bag, a lunch bag, with the haiku written on various scraps, such as a piece of bark, as if they were gifts to the psychologist from his chid-patients.

—Brad Tubbs


deep in the jungle
dog at my side
mom calls us in for dinner

dad keeps stuttering
bout birds and bees

first date to the movies
mom and dad
seat two rows back

mother licks her finger
to clean my face
all the guys snicker

trying to be grown up
dad heard me
soap in my mouth

mom and I race
to clean our rooms
winner gets ice cream
I win

scary movie
nuzzled between mom and dad
fast asleep

school bully closes in
before he speaks
I empty my pockets

dad got mad again
mom lies
about falling down the stairs

stuck on the fridge
dad shows everyone
my masterpiece

science project
on mom’s new rug

long day at work
still finds time
to play catch

paint on my new shirt
mother smacks me

paying with bark
I order a happy meal
at dad’s truck

bedtime stories
mom’s funny voices
paint my dreams

curfew violation
creek in the stairs
grounded for two weeks

ok mom … yeah got it
alright mother!
Home sweet home

dirty shower
mixed with tears
he’s still inside her

rustled sheets
torn panties on the floor
she cries out "NO!"

frozen on her back
wanting him to get off
daddy’s little girl

superman night light
wards off the boogie man

sleep over
she touches me
in bad places

4th grade spelling bee
lump in my throat

slow fat target
always chosen last
for dodge ball

dad’s head bobs
to the radio
he whistles while I sing


©2001 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors