Millikin University Haiku Writer Profile

Horst Ludwig

Professor of German,
Gustavus Aldophus College

Horst Ludwig at Midwest Haiku Retreat
July 1999


  The old man reaching
to catch a tumbling leaf.
A thin bony hand.
by Horst Ludwig

Biographical Background

Horst Ludwig is a German- and English-language Haiku poet who lives in Minnesota, USA, where he works as professor of German at Gustavus Adolphus College. His work gets published regularly, and he recently has become involved with haiku criticism.

About Horst Ludwig:

This web profile of haiku writer, Horst Ludwig, was researched, written and created by Mark Grizzard, Spring 2001. See Mark's essay comparing Horst Ludwig's and George Swede's haiku.

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Additional Web Links and Resources

Essays about Individual Haiku

"Zwei Haiku"; an anlytical comment on two German haiku [in German]

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"Ein außerordentliches Haiku deutscher Sprache":
An analytical comment on a haiku by Barbara Lindner [in German]

"Haiku im Haiku": An analytical comment on a haiku by Ingrid Kunschke [in German]

Notes for New Haiku Writers in Western Countries
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Deutsche Fassung von "Notes for New Haiku Writers in Western Countries"

Review of a German haiku anthology [in German]

Texts by Horst Ludwig

Examples of Horst Ludwig's German and English haiku:

Dutch translations of some of Horst Ludwig's texts in traditional Japanese
poetry genres
haiku at "Ingrids Haiku-Welt." The new URL is:



Sample Haiku

How does he write his haiku?

He believes firmly in the traditional approach to Haiku from the Japanese culture. He writes his haiku in strict 5-7-5 syllable form. He advises new haiku writers: "Describe the event as concisely as possible . . . walk through the world not only with your eyes open, but with all your senses alert to the world’s reality."

Some examples of his work:

Die Totenglocke
in klarer Herbstluft,
und ein Vogelzug


the deathtoll
in clear autumn air
and a flock in flight

Winterklare Nacht.
Im Gitterwerk des Gëasts
funkelnde Sterne.


clear winter night—
in the trelliswork of branches
twinkling stars

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